We are TALC.

It’s in capital letters so it must be good and shouty. We’re two people called James Knight and Nichol Thomson but we use our Talc names, Dr. Fun and the Gift. It makes us laugh, it’s puerile and silly but there you go. If you play on our records you get your own Talc name instead of getting paid. Rubbish but it’s something. Actually it’s worse than nothing. Sorry about that…

When did you start?

We’ve been making music in our own way since 2002 I think. Actually it might be earlier than that. To be honest it’s a bit of a blur… initially we played everything ourselves but it took three years to make the first album because we had to learn the instruments. And we were drunk for a lot of it. But “Sit Down Think” was born! Woo! We were chuffed to bits when other people liked it as well, so we made another one featuring our friends playing as they are brilliant at the things we’re rubbish at… it’s called “Licensed Premises Lifestyle”. We make the records we want to hear and all our love goes into them. Not like a hippy though, we really mean it… man…

What are the tunes about?

The first album ‘Sit Down Think’ deals with everyday things in all of our lives. Issues ladies and gentlemen. Issues. Being a carrot and getting shot by Dustin Hoffman. Robo-love. Being too tired for wife-swapping. Simple issues. The second album ‘Licensed Premesis Lifestyle’ is more complex in a simplistic way. It’s set in a mythical pub, the ‘Wonderbar’. You’ll meet characters there oh yes, you’ll meet characters. Travelling salesmen, an out of work clown and the robot from the first album, drunk and dejected. Poor lad. Both are a journey and hopefully one you’ll want to take again, like a cheap Orient Express to Leeds.

Who or what are Talc’s influences?

One word. Glue.

HA HA! Not really, solvents aren’t conducive to creative thinking kids. We think it’s pretty obvious that we love all good music and hopefully it’s all there. Nothing is off limits and we’re open to everything. I could write you a list but it’ll be the rest of the site and that would be dull… now where did I put that Glade??

What about live? I bet there’s no possible way that you can play that music live, I just cannot believe it.

Hey sure we do! It’s pretty amazing that we’re able to get out amongst it to play live and some of our best moments have been on that there stage. We always have the best musicians in London. I know everyone says that. We really do. The music means we have to. That sentence was awful. Too late. So far we’ve a pool of around 30 musicians who nail our stuff. It’s very exciting and hopefully, above all, entertaining… mmmmmmmentertainy… keep an eye out for future gigs on this here site…