Amazing Radio Fun hosted by us-please go to and click Talc! This streams out of Spotify at the moment but we’re hoping for more streaming services to come on board——-NEW SHOW 14th July 2010 featuring Bobby Fame

So Japan was great-excellent level of people to music ratio aspecting happening…going to get some Word Press lessons from Vu Ja Dave so will blog it up a bit at a later date…


Brand new wonderful gig news, Japan Tour 2010 news, just a MASSIVE LAKE of news.

I. Have. Just. Burst.

Phew…. well admittedly it’s been a really long time coming (sorry about that) but we’ve been busy trying to make a living and also writing new Talc goodness for those wonderful wonderful ears of yours. They sure are pretty…I see you’ve taken the earrings out-it suits you, well done…

What have we been doing? Lots of re-mixness for Japan including one for “Bird” as well as “Pez” and working on some new stuff for the new album. It may well be done this year, actually it will be done this year. Well it might. No, it will definately be done this year. We’re looking at completing this coming year. By the end of this fiscal year, it’ll be done. Probably.

What else? Well we’ve left wahwah45s amicably so are without a UK label at the moment (I say at the moment but who’s going to sign us? a) We’re idiots, b) We make deeply unfashionable music, c) We’re far too young. One of those isn’t true…Either way a big thanks to wahwah45s, particularly Dom Servini and rest in peace to Simon “the daddy” Goss. Two people who believed in us…

Someone else who believes in us is our label in Japan headed up by Katz “captain masta boss” Okada. A fine man with a whispy fresh impish beard. We’re looking forward to seeing his lovely face very soon.

All the dates for Japan are in the calender and you  can go to for all the details!

Our warm up date in LONDON TARN is at The Queen of Hoxton ( on 16th April 2010. We’re supporting the mighty Baker Brothers ( as we will be in Japan.

Here’s a poster of the japanese trip!Look At Me!

Meh, that’ll do for now….remember-it’s nice to be nice..

New website

Hello, good evening and welcome to the brand spanking new Talc web site here on the web internet type thing… Yes, at last we’ve found our cyber voice from deep deep inside us and committed it to two-dimensional type for you to read, listen, sit down and think about. We wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without our new Internet guru St. Andrew of Staffell. All praise him and his webby ways. From now on there will be new updates with alarming regularity, competitions, podcasts of some sort, interviews with the musicians involved in the making of, new photo’s, facts, figures, figurines, discussion, opinion and general loveliness for your eyes and ears. Phew… let’s get cracking then!

New album

“Licensed Premises Lifestyle”. What’s that all about then? Well if you pop yourself over to the music page it’ll explain all of it. In short it’s our latest album and it’s a smash. Providing you throw it really hard against a wall. Listen to it first though, we implore you… There are a few review type bits on the music page as well and we’ve been mentioned in some weird and wonderful places. The Japanese issue of the record seems to be doing well and thanks to all of you that have got in touch via the myspace page ( from the land of the Rising Sun. We’re still hopeful that we’ll be coming over to see you all in the new year, it must happen and it must happen soon!

We are TALC.

Welcome every single one of you to the soft snugly world of Talc. See this as a musical tombola of truth, rattling those ears of yours to our fact based sound.


For more info, see our Music page!

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